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Frequently Asked

What is home health care?

Home Health Care encompasses a wide range of health care services provided in the patient’s home with the purpose of maintaining his or her maximal level of function, health, and comfort. Home care is a collaborative effort involving family, physician, and an interdisciplinary home care team. It is a cost-effective alternative to extended hospitalization, rehabilitation, or a nursing home stay. Patients are usually more comfortable in their own home and studies have shown patients recover quicker at home.

How does home health care work?

The first step toward receiving home health care is to obtain a physician’s orders and work with a home health care company to develop a detailed care plan. From there, you will be asked to complete an initial consultation with the patient, during which they assess the patient’s needs and develop a plan for treatment. Family members and other caregivers are encouraged to participate in this planning process to ensure consistent and comprehensive care.

When services begin, home health care staff will implement the plan – following all physician orders – and keep the physician updated about the patient’s progress. The frequency and type of home health visits will vary depending on the patient’s needs. Some patients require daily care while others require only a short visit once or twice per week.

All services are tailored to the patient’s needs.

Who would benefit from home health care?

You or a family member may benefit from home care if you are:

  • Recovering from a recent illness, surgery, or hospitalization.
  • Recently discharged from a nursing home but need additional care.
  • ln need of education regarding your health problem and how to manage your disease effectively.
  • Terminally ill and wish to receive end-of-life care in your home.
  • ln need of assistance in order to live independently at home and to enhance the quality of life at home.
Who pays for home health care?

Medicare, commercial insurance, and HMOs typically cover certified home care services when the criteria are met. Home care agencies will assist in determining your specific coverage and any co-pays. Private duty and nonmedical dare services are usually on a private pay basis.

How long has Sentinel Home Health been servicing the community?

Sentinel Home Health has been proudly servicing the community since 2018. In fact, we love what we do so much we have plans on expanding and servicing more areas in the community.

How are the patient's home health needs determine?

All patients’ home health care needs are evaluated during the first visit by a RN or therapist. Under the direction of the patient’s physician and with input from the patient and family members, an individualized care plan is initiated. The care plan is continually assessed and updated as the patient’s needs change and as progress is made. All of this is documented in the patient’s chart.

Does Sentinel Home Health educate family members on the type of care that is being provided?

Teaching is a very large part of our services. All patients are given teaching guides that deal with the diagnosis that they are receiving home health services for. Each visit the patient is taught in a teach-back method how to care for themselves. The care plan is made in conjunction with the patient and family and is discussed thoroughly. Our staff ensures the family and patient understand the care that will be provided, how often, etc. Much teaching is done on medications, safety, disease management, emergency procedures, community resources, nutrition, etc.

What procedures are in place to handle COVID?

While we understand the many concerns surrounding covid, our staff have many steps in producers in place to protect you. Our clinicians are provided with PPE: face mask  (KN95), Face shield, and Gloves we are dedicated to protecting your health.

How long does home care last?

There is no set length of time for home care—it can vary greatly based on a person’s unique needs. Some home care services may last for a few weeks, while others may be lifelong. If a physician is prescribing your home care, he or she will oversee services until your recovery goals are met. However, if you are making the decision to start home care on your own, you can determine how many hours a week of care you need, and how often. Some home care providers may have a minimum hourly commitment to start care, or require you to sign a contract for a certain duration of time, so it’s important to ask any provider you consider. 

3141 Amity Court Ste. 100 Charlotte, NC 28215